5 Things Every Young Adult Should Know Before Being Sexually Active

Sex is meant to be a romantic fairy tale journey that begins with kissing prince charming and concludes with fireworks in the sky.

Although there are a plethora of books, documentaries, and websites discussing the main act, much of the backstage information is reserved for self-study.

From protection to pregnancy, here are five things every young adult should know before being sexually active.

  • No Protection Is 100% Effective Against Pregnancy.

When you have regular sex, you cannot rely solely on condoms or contraceptive pills to prevent conception.

Condoms are 98% effective against pregnancy, whereas birth control pills are 99% effective. Using a combination of multiple protection methods is the safest method of protection.

Don’t avoid condoms either. Condoms eliminate the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted infection.

  • The Right Way To Use Protection

Sometimes, in the heat of passion, young people and adults do not put on the condom until the last possible moment. It will potentially raise the chances of losing control during ejaculation and expose you to sperm-laden pre-ejaculation.

Learning putting on a condom correctly will help you prevent mishaps and condom breakage.

Women often use an emergency pill for condom breakage or unsafe intercourse. You should be aware that the contraceptive pill is most effective within the first 12 hrs, and that its effectiveness drops to nearly half after 24 hours.

  • Orgasms Are Complicated

In practice, orgasms are a little more complex than they seem. When you’re a woman, you may not have an orgasm the first time you have intercourse. But on the contrary, if you’re a male, you might find yourself having an orgasm earlier than you expected. You may not have a pleasant experience the first time, but that’s okay. If you encounter these issues the first few times, don’t be discouraged; time and experience will solve them.

  • Understanding Your Own Body

Puberty in boys can be as perplexing as it is in girls.

Young adults must realize those horny feelings, morning woods, and wet dreams are all normal stages of sexual development.

Both men and women need to realize and embrace their bodies and sexual desires to have a more satisfying sexual encounter in the future.

  • Sex Hurts

The widely held belief that sex can hurt the first time is just that: a belief. The trick to painless sex is plenty of lubrication, so don’t be afraid to engage in some foreplay before doing the deed.

The anxiety of first-time intercourse can still result in less lubrication, so the first penetration may be a little uncomfortable. Once you relax, the discomfort should subside.

If sex continues to cause pain, have yourself tested for underlying causes such as endometriosis.

  • The Absolute Safeword Is “No”

Know that consent is the secret to great sex, so don’t do something that makes you uncomfortable.

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