5 Times You Must Talk To Your Gynaecologist During Your Pregnancy

Most pregnant women have a plethora of questions related to their condition. This is especially true for first-time mothers. This could be related to cravings, weight gain, procedures to expect and even how to get good sleep. However, women do not rush to their doctors to have all these questions addressed. Many of these are addressed with friends and family. However, there are certain instances when one should not rely on hearsay and consult a doctor. Here are five times during your pregnancy when you must consult the best gynaecologist in Chennai.

5 Situations During Pregnancy when You Must Consult Your Gynaecologist

#1 – Stress or Depression During Pregnancy

When looking after yourself and the unborn life in your womb, it is natural to experience physical and emotional stress. Worrying about pregnancy risks and delivery can also cause depression. More than 40% women in 14-32 weeks of their pregnancy exhibit signs of depression. While most women do not pay heed to such symptoms, depression can result in premature birth, low birth weight and even behavioural problems and learning disabilities in your baby. Here’s when visiting a specialist in the best maternity hospital in Chennai can help.

#2 – Planning to Travel

During the second trimester, you’ll usually have the maximum energy and the minimum chances of pregnancy risks. So you can travel during this phase. However, it’s better to not have any travel plans during your third trimester. It’s the most sensitive stage of pregnancy. If you are not careful, this can cause complications. Hence, keep your gynaecologist updated about your travel plans and avoid going too far away from your doctor.

#3 – No Dental Visits in a Long Time

Dental health is quite important even during pregnancy. During this time, certain hormonal changes may impact your mouth, especially your gums. If you develop a dental condition like gum disease, it must be treated instantly to avoid preterm birth. So, if you didn’t have a dental check-up for long, let your gynaecologist know. If required, you may be asked to visit your dentist soon.

#4 – What Diet to Follow or Supplements to Take

A well-balanced diet is a must for a healthy pregnancy. Make sure to ask the best gynaecologist in Chennai about the foods to avoid rather than experimenting yourself, which can be risky. Usually, well-cooked eggs, fish and meat can keep you from foodborne conditions. Say “no” to unpasteurized dairy items. Only if prepared from pasteurized milk (check labels), soft cheese is fine. Eat fresh fruits and lots of vegetables, but make sure to rinse them thoroughly under running water for at least half a minute. Try to avoid refrigerated smoked seafood and raw sprouts.

Moreover, if you don’t know whether or which supplements to take during pregnancy, your gynaecologist can help you. Prenatal vitamins containing folic acid are great for the development of your baby’s neural cord and to protect them from spinal or brain birth conditions.

#5 – How Much Weight Gain is Okay

Your pre-pregnancy BMI (body mass index) determines how much weight you can safely put on when you’re pregnant. Your gynaecologist can effectively guide you based on your body weight before pregnancy. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends the following range of weight gain depending on your pre-pregnancy condition:

Pre-Pregnancy Condition Acceptable Weight Gain (in pounds)
Underweight 28-40
Normal weight 25-35
Overweight 15-25
Obese 11-20

If you have any other important question to be addressed, seek advice from a specialist at the best maternity hospital in Chennai. Also, if you have any pregnancy-related worry or uncertainty, don’t hide it. You will have a happier experience during pregnancy after talking to the best gynaecologist in Chennai.

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