Are You Aware About Dental Sealants?

Usually, brushing and flossing is needed to get rid of foods and plaque deposited in the teeth, and only brushing is not enough to reach deeper into the grooves. Most kids often tend to develop cavities in the groves.

Sealants, which is thin and plastic protective coating can protect such areas by keeping all foods out and stop developing bacteria and plaque, which can attack teeth, particularly while chewing on back teeth.

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How sealants are applied?

To get your teeth sealed is quite easy process without any pain:

  • First, all the teeth to be sealed will be cleaned.
  • Then they are dried, cotton will be placed around them for keeping them dry.
  • By applying a solution, the chewing surfaces will be roughened slightly so that sealant will properly stick to tooth.
  • Teeth are then rinsed and dried, new cotton will be placed around them.
  • Dentist will then paint the sealant on tooth enamel, and it will bond to the tooth directly and gets hardened.

Can dental sealants also be placed on teeth of adults?

It is less common for adults, but it can be done. Dental sealants are placed in adults on deep grooves that do not have fillings.

How long sealants will last?

Any sealant may last for about 5 – 10 years. During each dental appointment, your sealants must be checked by the dentist and can also be reapplied if needed.

Who will need sealants?

Usually, among the teen children, tooth decay usually occurs on their molar teeth surfaces. Such cavities can always be prevented, if sealants are applied soon after its appearance of decay seen on their 1st and 2nd molars.

Adults or teens may have cavity or also have molars with deeper grooves then it will be under higher risk of getting decay and hence must go for sealants.

For protecting against plaque formation, sealants are also applied to back molars. A plastic sealant material will form bond over tooth, almost like smooth coating and fill all the grooves. Since grooves have been filled-in with such smooth sealant material, it will be difficult for plaque forming cavities now.

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