Ask These Questions Before Selecting A Laser Hair Removal Clinic!

You have finally decided to bid adieu to those painful waxing strips by opting for laser hair removal. For the uninitiated, laser hair removal involves using laser on the hair follicles, which causes the follicles to fall off. This is a medical procedure and must be done at a known clinic with a doctor handling the laser device. With that said, there are hundreds of laser hair removal clinics today, so before you choose one, ask these relevant questions.

  • What’s the procedure all about? While laser hair removal is a pretty standard procedure, it is wise to know the possible aspects related to it. On your first visit, allow the technician or skin expert to reveal and discuss all aspects of the procedure.

  • What kind of device/technology do you use? The best clinics now rely on Vectus, and the technology related to laser hair removal is evolving continuously. Find more on how safe is their technology and the kind of steps that they take to minimize the side effects.
  • Are there any specific risks? To be fair, laser hair removal is fairly safe for most people, but with anything that involves using laser, there are a few risks, which you need to consider. At times, the risk can be specific to your case, so make sure to ask that question and don’t give a nod, unless you are fully happy.
  • What about the costs? Today, laser treatments are more affordable than ever before, but this is a still cosmetic procedure, so insurance won’t be paying for it. As such, make sure that the costs are known to you. This depends on several factors, including the hair, skin type and sessions required.
  • How many sessions do I require? Now that’s a valid question. For most areas, you need a minimum of three sessions to a maximum of five to seven. After an initial consultation, the technician will explain the same.

Finally, it is a good idea to enquire the before and after care following the procedure. This is more important if you are a working professional. At times, doctors may advise using certain creams and avoiding the others, while makeup can be used to hide some of the side effects. You also need to understand the time required at the clinic for each session. With laser hair removal, it’s best to have all the answers in advance.

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