Commonly asked questions on marijuana in Colorado

Not every state in the US allows the consumption of marijuana, for some, it’s illegal to be found in possession of such. Others like Colorado have legalized its consumption but with strict guidelines. This article seeks to answer some of the questions that linger in the minds of visitors in the state of Colorado.

Who can purchase?

Purchase, smoking, and general handling of recreational marijuana are only for those who’re 21 years and above. Just like liquor, for you to buy from any shop, you must produce your national ID at the dispensary to make a purchase. However, for medical marijuana, you can get a card at the age of 18 and this is renewable annually.

Where can I purchase marijuana?

You can get marijuana sold in the streets but this is dangerous and illegal. This is where you buy unpurified brands that may work against you. The best place to make your purchase is at the dispensary that is legalized to sell marijuana. Most of these sell different cannabis products and therefore you have to seek guidance from the experts in those shops.

How much can I buy at once?

As a Colorado resident, you’re allowed to buy a maximum of one ounce but visitors can only buy up to 1/4 ounce. Every adult who is above 21years will be allowed to possess a maximum of 1ounce at a go.  Research shows that a joint has half a gram of marijuana and therefore an ounce is approximately 68grams.

How much does it cost?

Averagely, ounces cost between $150 to $300 in the medical- marijuana market. Often, it is sold in packs of eighth of an ounce which retails at $25 to $45. The prices depend on individual recreational marijuana dispensary but the difference is not much. The reason for the high cost is the taxes levied by the state and local tax. Most of the stores don’t have access to banking services and so they accept cash transactions. You can make as many purchases as you wish as long as you don’t exceed the 1-ounce limit.

Where can I legally smoke Marijuana?

You are only 100% free to consume marijuana in a private residence but with permission from the owner. Avoid ski slopes, national parks, hotels, and general public places. The laws governing the consumption of marijuana are so strict that you can easily land on the cold cells. Most hotels and resorts have their laws on cigarette and pots consumption and thus you must find out before you get into problem.

Can I drive under influence?

There is a legal limit to the amount of active THC in your body which is 5 nanograms per milliliter of blood. Unlike in alcohol where you can easily determine if the is impaired or not, it is not easy to determine based on THC levels. However, a smart driver will opt not to drive under the influence. The police will require that you take a breathalyzer test and you could easily lose your license.

You don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of law and therefore it is important to find out the regulations and laws that govern the consumption of marijuana. For a great experience, buy recreational marijuana from a reputable and licensed dispensary which has experts to guide you on use especially if you are new to cannabis.

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