Dr. Navid Vahedi of Fusion RX Compounding Pharmacy Discusses How Compounding Pharmacies Could Play a Key Role in Helping People Manage the Lasting Effects of COVID-19

Pharmacists and neuroscientist Dr. Navid Vahedi says the road to recovery for many who were diagnosed with COVID-19 will be long and difficult without pharmaceuticals that address the needs of each individual patient.

COVID-19 is a perplexing disease the medical community is still working hard to understand. One of the reasons doctors found it difficult to contain it is due to the fact that the virus attacks people in a number of different ways. The virus reached pandemic proportions because there was not a definitive course of action that could be taken to provide it to people on a large scale that could be used to treat it. The medical community has to grapple with Herculean tasks, as they have worked to save as many lives as possible, try to slow the spread of the disease, and give patients the individualized treatment and care they need to survive.

During the height of the pandemic, hospitals were overwhelmed to the point that they reached out to outsourcing facilities that are compounding drugs used for their patients who were diagnosed with COVID-19. Because COVID-19 became a public health emergency, the FDA issued guidance for the temporary compounding of specific drugs by outsourcing facilities like Fusion RX Compounding Pharmacy. Dr. Navid Vahedi believes there is a significant role for compounding pharmacies to play long after the pandemic is over. “Those of us who are in the medical community is still working to understand why there are so many variances in regard to how people respond to COVID-19. Anyone who says that they can predict, how the virus will affect anyone even at this point, is not being completely honest.”, the Fusion RX Compounding Pharmacy pharmacist said.

Dr. Navid Vahedi said that one of the reasons he believes that there is such a huge opportunity for compounding pharmacies to play a major role in helping people manage the long term effects of COVID-19 is because of the devastating effects it has had on people who were healthy before they were sickened with the virus. “There are countless numbers of people who were diagnosed with COVID-19 who were healthy when they caught the virus. Now those people are dealing with some form of kidney disease. A great number of them are in some stage of renal failure, and some are even on dialysis. Compounding Pharmacies like Fusion RX Compounding Pharmacy are needed now more than ever because of the complexity of the medical conditions people are left with as a consequence of having COVID-19. Those residual effects demand that practitioners and other members of the medical community develop treatment plans that address the individual needs of every patient.”, Navid Vahedi said.

Dr. Navid Vahedi says that he has always been a champion of the patient-centered approach when it comes to healthcare, that is the reason why I am so passionate about the practice of functional medicine. “I believe that the patient-centered approach is the key to optimal health. The pandemic taught all of us in the medical arena that. The focus has to be on the individual patient while using science to pinpoint and address the underlying causes of disease. Compounding pharmacies like Fusion RX Compounding Pharmacy. Is at the forefront of the development of drug combinations to not just address disease, but help people maintain optimal health.”, Navid Vahedi said.

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