Effect of C-Section On Mothers and How to Reduce Their Impact

Expecting mothers have a dream of a safe pregnancy period and a safe delivery as well. Some mums will deliver through vaginal birth, while others may not be possible; hence, they give birth through caesarian birth, popularly known as C-section. However, C-section though a lifesaver; it can affect you physically and possibly mentally.

A C-section involves a surgery where your doctor and their team make a surgical cut in your belly and uterus to deliver your baby and then close the C-section incision. You may spend about three more days with your baby as you recover.

1.    After Pains

Since C-section involves surgery, you will have some wound to heal, and hence it may leave you with some pains. Your doctor will advise you on how best to manage the pain. Taking fluids and water may help you recover quickly. However, it’s important to avoid straining and lifting heavy loads.

2.    C-Section Wound

After C-section, you will have a wound to heal. You will have to keep the c-section wound clean by regularly washing it with soap and water or any other substance your doctor may recommend. However, it’s essential to eat a healthy diet to ensure you recover quickly and that your wound heals fast. Nuts, seeds, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and plant proteins will help the cut heal fast. However, if you consider using supplements to meet your daily requirements for quick recovery, then Mother Nutrient has got you covered in the caser you get a C-Section with their unique C-Section recovery Box.

3.    Blood Loss

You are likely to lose some blood after caesarian delivery; hence you should consider taking a diet that helps you recover blood quickly. You can take foods rich in iron, such as spinach, chicken, and dried apricots. You can also consider taking safe supplements to help boost your blood levels.

4.    Risk of Constipation

After delivery through C-section, you are at risk of developing constipation. Hence, it’s essential to take fiber-rich foods, drink warm fluids, and avoid caffeinated drinks to ease bowel movement. Probiotics are also crucial for new mothers. Soft bowel movement is necessary since you may not be able to force due to the C-section wound, which can be very painful in case of constipation. Foods rich in fiber include raw fruits, vegetables, and oats.

5.    Psychological Effects

Unplanned caesarian birth can cause adverse psychological effects. Some mothers are at a higher risk of postnatal depression, which will affect the new mom and the whole family. Hence, there’s a need for a collective responsibility to provide mental health support to women who deliver through C-sections.

Family and friends are responsible for helping new mums who deliver through C-sections to meet their daily needs and requirements. There’s also the need to support needy mothers financially since the cost of surgical procedures is relatively high.


After delivering by C-section, it’s essential to consider taking care of yourself by asking for assistance from your partner, family, and friends. It’s also necessary to take care of your health by eating a well-balanced diet rich in proteins, fiber, and vitamins. You can use quality and appropriate supplements for quick recovery. Don’t let adverse psychological effects put you down, instead speak out and seek help from family, friends, as well as professional health from your doctor. Rumi, the poet, said, “We are born of Love. Love is our mother.”

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