Empowering Businesses With BRCGS Certification

With the expansion of the food and packaging business at a global scale, the concept of food safety has become more vital than ever. It is a serious matter for companies venturing into the international food supply chain, and manufacturing packaging. To assure brand reputation, food safety, responsibility, and brand trust at a global level, BRCGS certification is a must. Before a company ventures into the industry, it is necessary to understand what is BRCGS and how it can empower businesses associated with food and food items.

What is BRCGS?

BRCGS or British Retail Consortium Global Standards is the food technical standard led by the LGC Group. It was established in 1996, and today it has emerged as a leading and prominent international scheme that empowers and enhances businesses around the globe. The motive behind the establishment of BRCGS has always been giving importance to food safety. Today every organization in the food supply chain industry has to abide by BRGS certifications to ensure food safety, hygiene, superior quality, and legal compliance.

Purpose of BRCGS certification

The primary motive of BRCGS is to follow the proven standard food safety practices, thereby assuring a top-notch quality and also building confidence in the global food supply chain. It was developed by retailers, but it is utilized by several organizations and businesses from myriad industries. BRCGS aids a business not only in ensuring product safety and quality but assures protection against any charges by enforcement authorities. Thus, it becomes even more important to know what is BRCGS and how it can be helpful.

The concept of BRCGS certification

Over the years, BRCGS has come up with a plethora of international standards for businesses in the food and packaging industry. A BRCGS certification is used in food safety, packaging materials, storage, distribution, retail, and consumer items. The businesses are required to abide by standard and reliable safety practices and assure the customers and vendors of safe products. It is the BRCGS certification that represents the safety, high quality, and legality of products.

The widespread use and acceptance of BRCGS around the globe can be summarized from the following points:

  • 50% of the top global manufacturers recommend BRCGS certification
  • 70% of the top international retailers accept and also suggest BRCGS
  • 60% of the global restaurants and eating joints accept BRCGS certification

When one wants to know what is BRCGS, he/she should be aware that it is a benchmark practice in the food, packaging, and manufacturing industry. The acceptance of BRCGS certification and its significance at the international level is evident. It helps businesses to empower across geographical boundaries while sticking with global quality standards.

The importance of BRCGS

According to sources, BRCGS is used by over 30,000 certified suppliers across 125 or more nations, with certification issued through the international network of accredited certification bodies. Getting recognition from the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), it is accepted by the majority of food retailers and manufacturers internationally. Apart from being a reliable, and trustworthy benchmark, it also imparts responsibility and quality assurance.

BRCGS offers a well-defined and planned framework to handle product safety, integrity, quality, and legal compliance. Furthermore, there is streamlining of the operational activity management, like food and ingredient manufacturing, processing, and packaging.

What is a BRCGS directory

BRCGS directory is a platform that is used for uploading audits including the official database of the changes directed against the standards of BRCGS. The global certified bodies administer and monitor audit documents, site listing, and certification status data stored on the BRCGS directory. While understanding what is BRCGS, the BRCGS directory features two categories.

  1. The first is available for the public where BRCGS certification details relevant information is stored.
  2. The second one is a password-enabled private area where only individuals with access can view the data and information. Thereby, enabling audit owners to share required documents with registered manufacturers, retailers, and others.

List of BRCGS standards

Given below are the lists of BRCGS standards that are used to empower the food business.

  • Food safety
  • Packaging
  • Storage and distribution
  • Consumer products
  • Retail
  • Brokers and agents
  • Ethical trade certification
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Gluten-free certification
  • Plant-based international standard program

Benefits of BRCGS certification

The food and packaging industry is rapidly changing, and fiercely competitive. Thus, it becomes vital for businesses to focus on maintaining a standard quality and strive towards improvement consistently. Thanks to BRCGS standards that allow businesses to acquire their business goals and objects and also provide multiple benefits. A business can enjoy the following benefits with BRCGS certification.

  • BRCGS certification offers internationally recognized GFSI certification, which is considered as a benchmark
  • The businesses can save time and expense as the certification offers a single audit report, which is given recognition by customers across the globe
  • There is a reduction or elimination in complaints, rejections, and return requests
  • The companies and businesses can function under an accreditation framework. Henceforth, the business gains international credibility and recognition
  • The certification caters to the requirements of the customers while examining and approving suppliers
  • The certification is a comprehensive measure embracing product safety, hygiene, and quality
  • The certification enables the business to abide by the proven framework for developing quality and hygiene management systems
  • Finally, the BRCGS certification can empower the business or company culture and encourage a reduction in waste, enhanced efficiency, and improvement as a whole.


Food businesses and food-related businesses seem to be interested in knowing what is BRCGS and how can the certification empower the business. It is a leading global brand and consumer safety and protection scheme recognized worldwide. It sets the benchmark for product safety, quality, and legal compliance. Businesses with BRCGS certification are accepted around the world and even given preference over others that don’t have one. It won’t be wrong to mention that BRCGS certification can render value and economic impact. The market is filled with service providers that incorporate organizations and businesses with BRCGS certifications. Moreover, the service providers help businesses carry out the standard practices of BRCGS with efficiency and optimal outcomes.

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