Exclusive Facts About Plastic Surgery Tummy Tuck

It is a common complaint from women, especially those that have given birth. After birth, the stomach muscles have trouble going back to their initial position after they stretch during pregnancy. Stomach sag is also witnessed in situations of intensive body weight loss. Especially in women, gaining weight is more likely to happen around the waistline, arms, and thighs.

Weight gain around the stomach leaves a sag-looking belly that is protruding. Some mothers living in Sydney struggle with a stubborn tummy that has refused to submit to those morning runs and sit-ups. There is hope for you. Abdominoplasty surgeon Sydney has got your back. A plastic surgery tummy tuck experience with them will leave you feeling good about yourself. Those looking to tighten their lower abdominal area and remove a little excess skin receive a mini-truck procedure.

Explaining Plastic Surgery Tummy Tuck

A plastic surgery tummy tuck is also known as abdominoplasty. This surgery is performed purposely to improve the abdomen’s appearance to prevent it from protruding due to excess loose skin and fats. Abdominoplasty varies from mini-tuck to body lift. Mini-tuck benefits those looking to have their abdominal muscles tightened and have a small amount of sagging skin removed. If you are experiencing a skin sag condition after a massive weight loss, then body lifting is a more extended abdominoplasty just for you. There are different types of abdominoplasty operations.

            5 Types Of Abdominoplasty Operations

  1.     Lower Abdominoplasty- It is referred to as mini-tuck. It is recommended to patients in need of lower body improvement only. The recovery from a mini-tuck is quicker.
  2.     Extensive Abdominoplasty- It scars 180 degrees, including the love handles.
  3.     The Body Lift- This is for major weight loss patients needing skin lifting and tightening around the abdomen, including the back. The scarring is made at 360 degrees.
  4.     The Fleur-De-Lis – This is used for exclusive massive weight loss. A horizontal incision is not enough. An additional vertical incision is added running down the midsection(forms a T-scar). This is done to correct the excess skin and the upper abdominal tissues.
  5.     Total Abdominoplasty- This surgery is done by scaring hip to hip. It’s a prominent operation that addresses the upper and lower abdominal areas. It is used to bring out the perfect curves of your body.

During the surgery, some things could go wrong during and after the procedure.

Abdominoplasty Complications And Risks

  • Poor healing after the surgery may result in the formation of ugly scars.
  • You cannot also experience numbness and alteration of abdominal sensation.
  • The scarring during the surgery might be poorly done.
  • After surgery, the umbilicus might be malpositioned.
  • Budges might also form at the end of the wound.
  • You might also experience pubic hair elevation.


Are you tired of waking up to that jogging routine you usually do in the cold early morning? And are you giving up on achieving that flat tummy you admire even after trying everything from flat tummy tea to intensive sit-up exercise? It is time for you to consider undergoing a plastic surgery tummy tuck procedure. It will be worth your effort. Book your appointment for a plastic surgery tummy tuck procedure and get that dream shape and curves that will leave you feeling on top of the world.

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