Hair growth through FUE

Follicles stop producing hairs as you age because of a reduction in the length of hair growth and regeneration cycles. Everyone’s journey is unique in its own way. Some men begin balding in their 20s, while others don’t begin balding until they’re in their 30s or 40s. FUE toronto will replace the old, inactive follicles with healthy, active follicles.

Follicles will be fed by blood vessels after the transplant and will begin developing hair in the region where there was previously sparse hair or balding. The following is an explanation of the FUE procedure:

-During the procedure, your surgeon will shave down the hair in and around the transplant location. -Remove follicles from your skin with a micro punch instrument. Your doctor will then inject the harvested follicles through a series of small incisions made with a needle or other small, sharp equipment.

The follicles will be inserted into the incisions after they have been made. The area will be cleaned and bandaged by your doctor. On the scalp, FUE hair transplants are the most prevalent. Anywhere else on your body with sparse or no hair can benefit from these treatments as well. Even the vaginal region can be treated with FUE. FUE has a rapid remission time. For the first three days, you may notice some swelling or pain.

Your doctor may offer you these after-care instructions:

-For at least three days, avoid washing your hair or taking a shower.
-For the first few weeks after you begin shampooing your hair, choose for mild, unscented shampoos.
-Take a few days off from work to aid in the mending process.
-For the first three weeks, avoid combing or brushing your hair.

Hats, beanies, and other headgear should be avoided until your doctor gives the all-clear. Take a week off from any severe physical activities. During the healing process, some hairs may come out. This is not out of the ordinary. For the first three to four months, you’ll start to see a noticeable improvement. Your hair may not come back as thick as expected if your transplanted hair is in poor health.

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