How Melatonin Will You To Sleep and Feel Good

Around 50 to 70 million people are affected by the poor sleep. Even though it is one common problem, lack of sleep will have some severe consequences. Not getting enough of sleep will deplete your energy, decrease your productivity as well as increase risk of other diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Melatonin is one kind of hormone that tells the body when it’s time to go to bed. It also has become the popular supplement among the people who are struggling to sleep. Here we will explain how does melatonin work, and its safety or how much dose to take.

What’s Melatonin?

Melatonin is one hormone naturally made by the body. It’s created by pineal gland in brain but found in many other areas, like eyes, gut and bone marrow. It’s called as “sleep hormone,” since high levels will help you to fall asleep. But, melatonin itself will not knock you away. It just allows your body to know that it’s night-time and you have to relax and go to sleep. Many people do not know how to use this supplement and is melatonin good for you or not? The melatonin supplements are quite popular among the people who are struggling with jet lag and insomnia. You will get this in many countries with no prescription. Melatonin is the powerful antioxidant that can provide various other benefits to you. Actually, it will help to support eye health, helps in treating heartburn and stomach ulcers, ease tinnitus symptoms & increase growth hormone levels.

melatonin promotes good sleep

How Does This Work?

Melatonin supplement works together with the body’s circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm actually is an internal clock of the body and allows you to know when it is time to sleep, eat and wake. Melatonin helps to regulate the body temperature, hormone levels and blood pressure, just make sure you take max dose of melatonin. The levels of Melatonin begin to rise in the body when it’s dark outside, and signaling your body to go to sleep as soon as possible. It binds to the receptors in your body and will help you relax. Example, melatonin binds to the receptors in brain and helps you reduce the nerve activity. In eyes, it will help to reduce the dopamine levels, hormone that will help you to stay awake. Even though exact way to know how melatonin helps you to fall asleep is not clear, bit research suggests that these processes will help you to fall asleep.

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