How to Improve Mental Focus during Exercise

Exercising is fun. Unless you are white-water rafting or mountain climbing, it may not be the most exciting activity to undertake. A couple of minutes may feel like many hours when exercising, and doing the same workouts over and over may set you into snooze mode.

While you can be there physically, your mind might be far away. So to help you regain and improve your mental focus during exercise, consider the following strategies from the pros:

1.      Eat Properly

Choose food that maintains your energy, fuels the brain, and moderates blood sugar. For instance, high-fiber foods and fruits & vegetables can help to keep the blood sugar level even. You should also reduce your sugary food and drink intake, causing dips and spikes in your blood sugar level.

At the same time, your brain needs good fat to work properly. Coconut oil, avocados, berries, and nuts are perfect ways to acquire healthy fats from your diet and ensure your brain runs smoothly.

Research also shows that foods such as blueberries may boost memory and focus for up to six hours after consumption because enzymes stimulate blood flow and oxygen in the brain.

2.      Consider Beta-Alanine Supplements

Beta-alanine is one of the popular supplements among most fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Evidence shows that beta-alanine supplements are effective and safe for use and can help to improve performance, delay fatigue, and boost mental focus during exercise.

Taking beta-alanine supplements means you may also increase the length of time you can perform HIIT before you experience exhaustion. To learn more, gather enough beta-alanine information here.

3.      Avoid Distractions

One vital component of mental focus is the capability to stay in the present. So avoid all distractions, such as reading on the elliptical as you work out, or better yet, eliminate the elliptical altogether.

Instead, concentrate on staying in the present and what you do now. Don’t worry about the things happening at your workplace or what you should do after getting home. Allowing your mind to drift will lead to getting shitty workouts.

4.      Plan Exercises in Advance

Just like to-do lists that make people feel organized in the office, training plans, which include workout periods, rest time, reps, and sets, can help to improve your mental focus during exercise. Always know what you should do at the gym every day.

Figuring out which exercises to do in the morning will waste your mental energy because of decision fatigue. Instead, use that energy on your workout by planning things ahead.

5.      Improve the Strength of Focus Gradually

The worst thing you may do as you exercise is throwing yourself into extreme training programs. This way, you will only get injured, discouraged, or quit before you start.

So always start with a simple goal and work towards it. Set a timer too for around five minutes and concentrate on your workout for that period.


Several ways can help improve your focus, while others might only do a little for you. That is why it is best to incorporate several strategies to determine what helps the most.

Infographic created by Bactolac Pharmaceutical, Cutting Edge Vitamin Manufacturer

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