How To Minimize Pain After a Tailbone Injury

Tailbone injuries occur around, or in the body structure of the coccyx or bottom of the spine. Tailbone pain may feel achy and dull but becomes sharp during some activities, like prolonged standing, sitting, or rising from the seat.

Sex and defecation might as well become painful. For most women, tailbone injuries may make their menstruation painful and uncomfortable. Normally, you can minimize tailbone pain in several ways, and it may go away when you see a chiropractor slip and fall accident with a few months or weeks of care.

What Causes Tailbone Pain

This kind of pain has several causes. And in most cases, the causes of the tailbone are not known. Injuries to the tailbone may include a dislocation, bruising, or fracture. But in general, you may have tailbone pain because of:

  • Rectal and spinal surgeries
  • Repetitive movements
  • Sitting
  • Childbirth and pregnancy
  • Falling

Caring For Yourself At Home

If your doctor gives you a prescription medication for your pain, make sure you take it as prescribed. But if you are not taking prescription medications, ask your doctor when you may take OTC to reduce the pain. If the expert allows you to do so, you may manage to minimize pain by putting a cold or ice pack on your tailbone section for around 15 minutes. Do this every two hours for the next two days until the pain goes down.

Can Chiropractors Help Fix Your Tailbone

Among the best ways to minimize tailbone pain is to see a chiropractor in Los Angeles. If your tailbone has moved out of its alignment, irritating the tissues around it and nerves, having the best chiropractor correct the problem may help relieve your pain.

Corrective care chiropractic helps to relax the muscles around the tailbone to reduce pain and discomfort and improve blood flow to the area. It may also be recommended to do stretching exercises to strengthen the gluteal muscles.

What are the Best Chiropractic Treatments?

Can a chiropractor help with lower back pain? Well, chiropractic care from reliable chiropractors has proven helpful following tailbone injuries. That is because the coccyx is part of the spine; thereby, it tends to respond to pain as the spine of another vertebra would.

Your chiropractor is capable of correcting coccyx misalignment so as to provide relief. At the same time, they may use spinal manipulation in order to alleviate pain, which is felt from sore or tight muscles. A chiropractor can achieve this by incorporating different treatments, like:

  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic adjustment
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Stretching routines

Other Ways To Minimize Tailbone Pain

A medical examination is necessary in order to determine the extent of the tailbone injuries as well as the best treatment for the problem. If you don’t want to take pain-relieving medications, there are other remedies you can use to minimize the pain.

Whether you have a fractured or bruised tailbone, doughnut pillows can be a suitable remedy to minimize your pain. These cushions normally have a hole in the middle, allowing you to take the pressure off the coccyx. Doing exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor, such as Kegels, may also help relieve symptoms.

Final Touches!

A bruised or broken coccyx is capable of healing on its own. A special cushion, chiropractic services, physical therapy, and exercises may help minimize this pain and facilitate the recovery of your tailbone injuries.


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