How Weight Loss and Hair Loss Are Linked

As a reputed hair transplant clinic Toronto, there are many cases we have dealt with. One such pertains to the linkage between weight loss and hair loss.

Hair loss is caused by dietary deficiencies as well as the extra impacts that rapid weight loss may have on your body. One of the most prevalent causes of significant hair loss on the scalp is a disorder known as acute telogen effluvium (TE), which has been linked to abrupt weight reduction and restrictive diets. TE often begins three months after a triggering event, such as fast weight loss, and lasts around six months. Alopecia androgenic is a kind of TE that lasts longer than six months. Male or female pattern baldness is another name for it.

Hair Loss Caused by Weight Loss
Here are a few ways that reducing weight might influence the health of your hair:
On the spur of the moment dieting: Hair loss has been associated in several studies with rapid weight loss, calorie restriction, nutritional deficiencies, and psychological stress, all of which are typical in crash dieters. According to a survey of 180 women with diffuse hair loss, iron deficiency and psychological stress were the most common reasons for hair loss. Crash diets were also a factor in the deaths of eight of the study’s subjects. Crash diets can cause a shortfall in vital fatty acids, as well as a lack of zinc, protein, and calories, all of which can cause hair loss.

Low-protein diets: A lack of protein in the diet might lead to hair loss. Certain amino acid deficits, such as histidine, leucine, valine, and cysteine, are frequent in those who lose their hair. When you don’t get enough protein, your body prioritizes protein-dependent functions including tissue repair, digestion, pH and water balance, and hormone production.

Surgical weight-loss methods include: Weight loss surgery has been linked to rapid weight loss, as well as protein, vitamin, and mineral deficiencies, all of which can lead to hair loss. In a 2020 study of 112 females who had sleeve gastrectomy, 72 percent of the patients said they lost hair after the procedure.

Hair loss can occur as a result of nutritional shortage or stress on restrictive diets, such as crash diets, that exclude whole food categories. Hair loss has been linked to iron, zinc, protein, selenium, and essential fatty acid deficiencies. High levels of stress have been linked to hair loss, which is sometimes linked to dietary limitations.

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