Immunity Boosting Food You Should Include In Your Diet

No one would have thought that the first half of 2020 would change humanity for ages. As of writing this, there are more than 18 million people infected with coronavirus around the globe. Approximately 700,000 people have lost their life due to this global pandemic. According to the guidelines issued by the WHO or World Health Organization, people with weak immunity are more vulnerable to this highly contagious disease. That is why old people, babies, and people with weak immunity needs to take extra care of themselves. Not only them, but all of us need to enhance our immune system so that it can fight foreign bodies efficiently. A good immune system will surely protect you from COVID-19, but it will also protect you from other viral, bacterial disease.

Now the question is how you can enhance your immune system. Well, there are many ways to do it. But we are going about one of the easiest ways and that is by eating nutritious food that can boost your immune system. However, before we start talking about the immunity enriching food, you should also buy health insurance online. We are living in an unfortunate time and buying a health plan is important now more than ever. Let’s talk about the food that you should include in your diet:

Lemons And Oranges

Lemons and oranges are the citreous in nature and are rich in vitamin C. You should add Vitamin C in your daily diet as it is a good immunity booster. Not only this, but oranges and lemons will also help you in summers as they are hydrating, refreshing, and cooling. You should drink homemade orange juice and lemon water. If not, then you should sprinkle some lemon on your salad and other meals.

Watermelon And Cucumber

Both cucumber and watermelon are filled with water that is enough to keep you hydrating. Also, they are rich in nutrients that will surely help make your immune system better. This is not the right time to be obese and eating low-calorie food like cucumber and watermelon will surely help you in weight loss.


Finishing a bowl of curd is not only refreshing but being probiotic in nature, it protects your digestive system from any issues. Not only curd is perfect for summer, but it is enriched with vitamin D, which ensures that your immune system is working smoothly.


Yes, the king of fruits also helps you improve your immunity. Mangoes consist of vitamin A in spades, which is essential nutrition to make the immune system healthy. So, here it is, you have one more reason to eat this sweet delicious fruit.


We all must be aware of the health benefits that mint offers. Drinking mint water every day will enhance your senses with its fresh taste and invigorating aroma. Mint is enriched with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. You should either drink mint water or you should add mint to your smoothies. You can also make pudina paratha, pudina chutney, or simply garnish your meals with fresh pudina leaves.

Make sure you add the above-mentioned food items in your daily diet. To ensure overall protection, buy health insurance.

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