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As the main source of food for the world, and as its only source of oxygen, plants make animal life possible. Our ancestors, the “hunter-gatherers”, used all kinds of plants in their daily life, and soon, in the course of the history of the human race, they learned, through trial and error, that certain plants could be used to foster well-being. It probably wasn’t necessary to come into contact with rhubarb or plums, for example, many times understand their effect on bowel functions.

Herbs over the years

Ancient peoples around the world quickly identified an interesting category of plants, herbs, which could be used to nourish and revitalize the body. Some herbs are in reality food: certain fruits, vegetables, and nuts, for example, are herbs. From spices like mint, basil, parsley, ginger, and rosemary, tasty vegetables such as garlic, onion, and radishes, drinks such as tea and coffee, herbs form a tasty part of our daily life. Other herbs, used since the earliest times to promote the well-being of the body, have no connection with the diet: Echinacea, the Melissa, the Palmetto di Sabal, the Ginkgo, Biloba are some examples. Still, other herbs, such as licorice root, sarsaparilla, blueberry, and aloe vera have been used both as food and to promote well-being.

The effective benefit to your health

Herbal preparations, usually obtained from roots, flowers, barks, or their extracts, were the only effective remedies available to our ancestors. People passed on their knowledge of botany from generation to generation. Over the years, a wealth of information accumulated, and the benefits of some herbs were taken for granted. Traditional remedies of yesterday evolved to become the herbal preparations and pharmaceuticals of today. The same active ingredient as our ancestors assumed in tea, obtained from the willow bark for relief from headaches, is found today in aspirin.

Today 30% of conventional drugs are derived from plants. And, despite the multitude of modern medicines, billions of people (more than 80% of the world population!) Still today they rely mainly on herbs to improve their well-being and meet their health needs.

Development of herbs in today’s products

In Sense Botanicals, herbs continue to grow in popularity, because people are looking for means to promote health naturally and gently. The exercise of the ethnic herbal profession (Native American, Chinese, Ayurvedic or Indian, African, European, etc.) has received great attention, as people all over the world are looking for a logical answer to one’s need to protect health. Both economically and emotionally, they can no longer allow ourselves the kind of approach to health: “they repair after the break-up”.

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