Instructions to Follow After a Plastic Surgery

In cosmetic surgery, a patient’s health and wellbeing are a high priority. After surgery, a crucial stage is the recovery time.  That’s why to follow Cosmetic Surgeon Miami post-op instructions, which will help to prevent complications, make you feel more comfortable, and you will get optimum outcomes.

In addition to detailed procedural guidelines, I would like to provide all my patients with general post-surgical instructions. These general health instructions and useful tips on topics like what to do and how to prepare before surgery will help you brace yourself for a better post-op experience. We also give a glimpse of how you will feel physically and mentally after the procedure.

This is a shortlist of 10 points on our general postoperative treatment instructions that will help you get an understanding of the needs.

  1. Arrange post-surgery transportation. When you get out of surgery, you won’t be in any mood for driving, use a means of public transport. Make sure that for the first 10 days after the surgery you comfortably move to your office.
  2. Have an adult or caregiver with you who is responsible for your take care after your surgery. One should stay for at least three days with you as your mobility could be limited.
  3. Take just the prescribed and guided medicines. Medicines should be taken with a meal. If you cannot properly manage your medicines, a trustworthy person can handle them for you.
  4. For the first two days, eat food that is soft and bland. You will then slowly restore to your usual diet so that your body can get recovery energy.
  5. Stay out of alcohol for the first 24 hours after the operation as alcohol consumption raises the chance of bleeding and it dilates your blood vessels. Moreover, alcohol and pain medicine cannot be combined.
  6. Refrain from smoking for 60 days after the procedure. Smoking can cause complications, as well as slow down the healing process.
  7. Avoid taking bath for 14 days after surgery. Only have a shower, but first, get the surgeon’s approval. Don’t go in the hot tub for at least four weeks.
  8. If you feel either of the following symptoms, call our department immediately: headache, the discomfort you are unable to control with drugs, swelling on one side of the area, or any of the signs of an allergy to the medicine. Call us immediately.
  9. Your specialist permits you to return to work until they believe that you have recovered properly.
  10. For the first two days after the surgery, track the bowel movements. It will be difficult if nothing happens. Use over-the-counter laxatives to cure.

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