IVF With Egg Donors: Know Everything Before You Take The Next Step!

There are several known factors that contribute to infertility, but the chances of a couple for getting pregnant are much lower if the quality of the woman’s eggs is not up to the mark. In such cases, IVF or in vitro fertilization is the right option in assisted reproduction. IVF with the help of an egg donor can offer a positive hope for couples.

Here’s what you need to know about IVF with egg donors

How does it work?

  • For the donor

IVF with donated eggs is a slightly different procedure compared to what it takes to use the mother’s eggs.  There are clinics that have their own list of egg donors, and one option will be selected for the procedure, depending on the level of immunological & phenotypic match with the concerned woman. Next, the donor will have to take hormones, which will stimulate the ovaries, usually for two weeks, and during this period, the donor must visit the clinic at least once or twice a week. To induce ovulation, another hormone is used. The procedure is a painless one for the donor and doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. Finally, the eggs are retrieved using a procedure, which involves using a needle. This is also painless and lasts for about 20 minutes.

  • For the couple

Couples usually need to start with the tests required for diagnosis, after which the woman gets estrogen administered in form of patches for the next two weeks. Endometrium is closely monitored during this period. Next, the male partner/spouse or a donor’s sperm is collected, which is then taken for IVF immediately. The process in the lab involves the ICSI technique, where the sperm sample is injected into the ovule that contains the egg. After monitoring the embryos for about five days, the best ones are selected and placed in the uterus of the mother.

Select the right clinic

It is more than necessary that you select the right clinic for IVF with egg donors. This makes a big difference both in terms of the facilities and treatments you get, as well as the cost. It is necessary to consider all possible options in assisted reproduction and IVF with the mother’s eggs before this option is considered. In some countries, such as Spain, the compensation for the egg donor is usually fixed or regulated, so you can expect to pay a lot less than in other regions.

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