Most Popular Spots for Laser Hair Removal

If you are bothered by unwanted hair, you probably aren’t equally bothered by hair all over your body. Many people are fine with having hair on their arms but would rather remove the hair on their legs. Others are only interested in removing hair around the bikini area or underarms. Still others want hair removal over large areas like the back. 

Here’s what you need to know about the most popular spots for laser hair removal and why laser hair removal might be a good option for many different areas of your body.

Where Can You Use Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal can be done on any part of your body other than right around your eyes. It is extremely effective on large or very small parts of the body. A highly effective home laser hair removal wand can enable you to target hair removal to precisely the locations that matter to you, big or small.

What are Popular Spots for Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal can be done all over the body, but it may be particularly popular on certain parts. Here are some areas of the body that may benefit from laser hair removal:

Upper Lip and Jawline

The jawline and upper lip are probably the most common places where hair removal is wanted and waxing and shaving aren’t good options. Shaving the jawline or upper lip leaves you with unsightly stubble, while waxing can be very painful and undesirable on these delicate areas of your face. 

Laser hair removal allows you to target exactly the hair you want, easily at home. As an added benefit for this area, hair tends to grow back thinner and lighter after laser hair removal. You may have the results you want in thinner and lighter hair after only a few treatments, and not worry about proceeding to remove all of the hair.

Arms and Legs

The contoured shape of a laser hair removal wand makes it ideal for moving along the lines of your arms and legs. Stop worrying about nicks on your knees or elbows and trying to make sure that you alter the position of the razor along with the direction of hair growth. 

Laser hair removal allows you to smoothly and effortlessly remove hair from these areas while you’re hanging out at home. If you are sensitive to the rubber band snapping sensation of laser hair removal, you are more likely to be tolerant of it on less sensitive areas of the body like the legs.

Back and Shoulders

It is annoying to try to see behind you to shave your shoulders and back. Trying to handle a razor without looking makes it much more likely that you will accidentally cut yourself. You can have these areas waxed, but you’ll need to let the hair grow out between wax jobs, which more or less defeats the purpose. 

Laser hair removal options for the back and shoulders is easy because you can safely operate the wand without looking. Simply keep it pressed against your skin and move at a steady pace. You don’t need to see what’s going on to effectively remove hair on your shoulders and back with laser hair removal.

Bikini Area and Underarms

Some people who can’t use laser hair removal on the rest of their bodies may find it perfect for the bikini area and underarms. Laser hair removal does not work on very light-colored red, blond, gray, or white hair. Many people grow hair this color on their arms and legs but may grow darker hair in the bikini area and underarms. 

That makes these areas a perfect target for laser hair removal. If you’d like the hair on your bikini area or underarms to be gone entirely or if you would like it to grow back thinner and lighter like the rest of your hair, this might be perfect. 

Anyone who can use laser hair removal on the rest of their body will probably also find it very effective on the bikini area and underarms. Because these hairs tend to be thicker, it may take a few more treatments, but it is an excellent way to eliminate razor burn, ingrown hair, and other problems with hair removal in this area.

Get Started with Laser Hair Removal Wherever You Need It

Laser hair removal is effective whether you go to the dermatologist or use a high-quality and well-rated unit at home. You can use laser hair removal on practically every part of your body other than very close to your eyes. 

If you’re sick of dealing with shaving, waxing, or hair removal cream, laser hair removal offers an excellent alternative. For some areas of your body, laser hair removal may offer even more benefits over other tactics so even if you choose to shave or wax some areas, you may want to do laser hair removal on some parts. 

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