Permanent Makeup Removal in Tampa: What are your Options?

Permanent makeup is a very popular cosmetic trend in Tampa. The technique introduces an array of fresh-like or darker colors to imitate eyeliners, cheek blushes, eyebrows, and lip liners. But, it is important for clients to be in the hands of an experienced tattoo artist to ensure the accuracy of the result. Otherwise, they may need to consider a permanent makeup removal Tampa. Also, a client may consider removal if they have outgrown the style and if the tattoo has lost its original shape or color as the skin sags and expands. As the demand for permanent makeup increases, the demand for removal also rises.

There are a lot of ways to remove the tattoo from the skin. Every method is used based on the kind of permanent makeup targeted. The following are some of the most popular options for removing permanent tattoo in Tampa:

Topical Solutions

Tattoo removal creams are the preferred and safest method for tattoos made under six months. The removal process is not as efficient as when combined with laser treatment. Also, organic, home-based exfoliation methods are applicable for newly made tattoos. Some people apply fine sea salt twice every day for at least two months to remove skin layers. Such a process helps in drawing out the ink. If can be combined with laser treatment to help reduce the number of laser treatments.

Non-Laser Solutions

Using a bonding agent in one session is equivalent to two months of lotion exfoliation. This method is often recommended by tattoos artists who don’t’ have access to laser. Also, it’s used for removing bigger pigment molecules. To achieve this, the skin is opened using the tattoo or permanent makeup machine. Then, the professional will apply a bonding agent to the open skin to draw the ink to the surface. This procedure must be performed only by a highly-trained permanent makeup artist. Because it is similar to the tattooing method, it may cause skin trauma.

Laser Treatments

The use of laser is the highly preferred solution for removing permanent makeup in Tampa. It works by using a chemical reaction between the laser and the ink. A lot of sessions are required to remove the tattoo that may take from two to ten treatments. The procedure is meant to maintain the integrity of the skin without leaving any serious damage.

When removing permanent makeup through laser, the artist considers the various ink compositions. The reason is that laser treatment may react with titanium oxide and cause a darker scar. Moreover, every kind of makeup requires different modulations. Thus, it is important to examine the optimum level, settings, and wavelength required for every site. For bigger sized molecules, nanosecond lasers are often used to remove the bigger pigment molecules.

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