Primary Causes of Obesity

Ever since work from home has been implemented, the physical activity of running errands, travelling to work, and going for an early morning or a late-night way has been limited. We are confined in our houses for months now, which has been significantly affecting our health (mental and physical).

Many people are suffering from weight gain and obesity because of this. Besides, obesity has been an age-old issue in most young adults in India. Several factors come into play, which may lead to obesity in men as well as women. We have enlisted some of the primary reasons that cause obesity. Here, take a look!

  1. Eating Habits

Everyone has different eating habits. But some of the eating habits that can contribute to obesity are as follows –

  • Consumption of excessive sugar-based food items.
  • Food items with high salt and fat levels.
  • Minimum to no access to healthy food items.
  • Portion sizes of the meals, consumption of junk food, beverages, etc.

People who are on a weight loss regime should stick to a balanced diet designed by their personal trainer or nutritionist.

  1. Less Physical Activity

Lack of physical activity can lead to weight gain. Some daily habits that can limit physical movements are as follows –

  • Travelling walkable or short distances by car or bike.
  • Lack of physical education in children.
  • Use of gadgets to get the household work done.

Hence, it is recommended to include regular workout in your weight loss regime for optimum results.

  1. Hereditary

At times, obesity can be a hereditary condition. Genetic conditions like Prader Willi syndrome can cause obesity in an individual.  Moreover, a combination of certain genes can trigger obesity.

However, despite this, one can lose weight and maintain healthy body weight with a balanced diet and workout routine. Use the BMI calculator for women and men to determine which healthy body weight category you fall under. Based on it, make changes to your diet and exercises after consulting your trainer or nutritionist.

  1. Diseases and Medication

People are bound to fall sick or acquire life-threatening diseases in extreme cases. Certain health issues are sometimes the primary cause of gaining weight. Moreover, the consumption of antidepressants, steroids, and diabetes medication can lead to weight gain.

The Bottom Line

When we talk to gaining weight, besides these primary reasons, several factors come into play. An individual’s behaviour, lifestyle habit, culture, and environment can also contribute to obesity and overweight issues. Additionally, change in hormonal balance can lead to similar conditions.

It is important to note that obesity is a serious health concern and needs to be handled soon before it starts affecting your health. Besides, it can increase your health insurance premiums as well. This is because people suffering from obesity or overweight are considered as high-risk applicants by health insurance providers in India. People that fall in the average weight category, thereby benefit and can avail affordable premium rate.

So, make sure that you are following a balanced diet along with regular workout to maintain healthy body weight.

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