The Benefits of Hypnobirthing

Labor comes with various challenges and is a dreadful experience, especially for first-time mothers.

One of the problems you’ll face while in labor is pain. The pain comes due to contractions of the uterus muscles as the baby gets ready to come out.

But you can manage the pain and the fear of childbirth through a method called hypnobirthing. This involves visualization, relaxation, and deep breathing to reduce fear and anxiety while in labor.

Hypnobirthing has become so popular thanks to its benefits. Here are some of the top benefits of Hypnobirthing.

It Shortens Labor

Opting for hypnobirthing will help you reduce the duration you’ll spend while in labor. Remember, the longer you take in labor, the more risks imposed on both the mother and the baby.

Hypnosis helps shorten the first stage of labor. In this stage, you’ll experience both active and early labor.

You’ll also go through longer and rapid contractions as the cervix opens up. Through hypnobirthing, you’ll experience these within a short while.

Helps You Manage Pain Naturally

Every woman experiences a different level of pain during labor which to some might be unbearable. While in this agony, some opt for different medications to reduce the pain.

With hypnosis birth, you’ll experience medicine-free labor. This means you’ll manage pain naturally without using the pain medications.

Helps You Give Birth to Healthy Babies

Babies born through hypnobirthing are healthier than those born through other techniques. This is evident in the Apgar scores, which evaluate babies’ minutes after birth. Having healthy babies will reduce your trips to the hospital and also make you happy parents.

It Helps in Managing Stress Hormones

Controlling stress hormones during labor is never easy. Stress while giving birth has effects on both the child and the mother.

If you’re in labor, your body produces oxytocin which helps speed the process. Stress hormones during labor will interfere with the production of this chemical, increasing the duration you’ll take before giving birth.

Too much time in labor can lead to oxygen depreciation or trauma for both the mother and child. If you manage stress while in labor, the chances of experiencing fear and pain will also reduce. With less pain and fear, the experience will not be scary but worth the results.

Helps Women Who’ve Experienced Trauma in The Previous Births

If you experience trauma in any of your previous births, this is the ideal technique to opt for. Remember, it helps you relax and manage pain during labor which is factors that contribute to trauma.

It’s also best if you fear labor and the whole experience. Hypnobirthing can also reduce your chances of having post-natal depression resulting from the trauma during labor.

It Makes Your Partner Active during Labor

If you give birth through this method, your partner will also get a chance to help during this time.

For example, your partner can massage, encourage or even prepare for you a nest during labor. This will not only make you happy but intensify your love.

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