The Stem Cell Surgeries Therapy Guide

Stem cells with their derived products are used for medical treatments. They are raw materials of the body which helps other cells to generate specialized functions. They are often divided into ore number of cells known as daughter cells. The daughter cells further become new self-renewal cells or differentiation cells with some specific functions. Examples include blood cells, heart muscle cells, brain cells, and bone cells. They are important because they help in understanding the occurrence of a disease. They also generate healthy cells which are replaced by diseased cells. Stem cells are also used to test new varieties of drugs that are both effective and safe.

Stem cell therapy helps to respond to injured or dysfunctional tissues through their derivatives.

Benefits of stem cell therapy are-

  • Cardiovascular illnesses can cause the formation of scar tissues, which change the blood flow or blood pressure. Stem cell research proved that stem cells from an adult bone marrow are effective in replacing the requirement of the blood vessels due to several growth factors.
  • The growth of healthy cell tissues can be enhanced from stem cell therapy. It also helps in hair development after loss by substituting newly developed tissues.
  • Treatment of various illnesses such as Huntington’s shows that new brain cells can be formed after brain injuries.
  • Stem cells are effective in sports-related injuries as they provide lasting relief and healing effects.
  • Neck and back surgeries can also be treated using stem cell surgeries.

Generation of stem cells:

  • Adult stem cell

They are found in adult tissues which includes bone marrow and fat. They also can develop various cells of the body. These stem cells can also be used to create various other cells. For example, the bone marrow cells can give rise to blood cells only.

  • Embryonic stem cell:

They come from embryos that are 3 to 5 days old. An embryo has about 150 cells at this stage. They can divide into numerous other stem cells or replace the function of any other cell in a human body.

  • Perinatal stem cell:

Amniotic fluid also consists of stem cells. They can substitute other specialized cells.

Stem cell therapy is also called regenerative medicine which can also be grown in laboratories. The specialized cells can be implanted into a human body. Adult stem cells can be used to treat various conditions which include degenerative diseases as well.

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