Tooth Extraction: Does It Leave Lasting Trauma?

Your teeth can last you a lifetime. However, that doesn’t mean that they are damage-proof. There are several instances in which your teeth might need to be extracted. Although there are different scenarios where this solution can be applied, it is always the last resort for your dentist. When they cannot do anything to save this tooth, they will have to take the tooth out even if you find it scary. Most people cannot fathom the thought of having dental tools go into their mouths.

You don’t need to be scared because yours is not an isolated case. Millions of people have wisdom teeth taken out every year. Since it is a common procedure, your dentist should be able to do it with ease.

Will you be left with lasting trauma?

A good number of people are concerned about having to live with long-lasting trauma after the procedure. Fortunately, you will heal entirely after undergoing extraction at a friendly and gentle dental clinic for anxious patients. However, the recovery period will be different depending on the type of procedure. There are two types of tooth extraction; surgical and simple extractions.

A simple extraction is done on a visible tooth for various reasons, including; crowding, severe tooth decay, and infections. A small hole could take about a week to heal, while it might take you about three weeks for teeth with larger roots. When undergoing a simple extraction, the dentist will use local anesthesia. Hence you will be awake during the process.

The other type of extraction is the surgical one. It is a more complex procedure, and the hole left behind will take longer to close. During the process, bone and tissue underneath your gum line will be cut. Still, the hole left behind should close in about six weeks. It might take a few months for your indentations to fill and heal completely.

Ways to make your experience better

1.Be confident that it is the right step

Being aware of the various circumstances when a tooth extraction is inevitable will make you more confident with your decision. A professional dentist will present you with other solutions to ensure that you keep your natural tooth. They will only provide extraction as a solution when they have exhausted the others.

It is best if you weren’t scared that by undergoing a tooth extraction, it will leave a hole in your life like social media anxiety does. Understand that it is in your best interest and will help preserve your dental health. Examples of situations where the procedure is necessary are; excessive decay, traumatic injuries, and advanced gum diseases.

2.Listening to music

Music evokes many positive emotions in people. When going in for your appointment, you should consider bringing in your favorite music. You could also listen to calming sounds or the best podcast to distract yourself.

3.Come with a family member for moral support

When you have a trusted companion around, you will likely be calmer as you go in for the procedure. It will also help you be more relaxed because you don’t have to worry about getting home after it’s over. Being nervous about such things can quickly make your experience harrowing.

If you are having issues with your teeth, you should consider visiting your dentist. You shouldn’t feel anxious because you can voice your concerns to your doctor. If your damaged tooth is taken out, it will help you lead a more wholesome and pain-free life.

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