Top Facts on Alcohol and Drug Detox

Do you know that approximately 21 million Americans have no less than one addiction? Yet, about 10% only receive treatment? Addiction is real and claiming millions of lives. Be it alcohol or any other addictions is affecting the psychological part of individuals. The condition coerces you to use frequently harmful substances without wanting to stop.

It’s rather unfortunate that alcohol and drug abuse have tripled since 1990. We can’t remain silent; it’s with us, it’s picking us! Besides, with the fact that the US economy spends over $6000 billion yearly, we have to find ways and curb its growth.

Alcohol and Drug Detox in Orange County, CA

In Orange County, Southern California, alcohol use disorder is more predominant. Recently, Jeff Grosso, a skateboarding legend, succumbed to fentanyl abuse, which is an opioid. Meaning, other drug abuses are still on the increase.

However, alcohol and drug detox in Orange County, CA, is on the rise. Countless health centers are offering detox and other helpful medications to addicts. Orange County has several centers for rehab. These centers recognize that addiction is weighty.  They have a vastly superior understanding of exactly how addiction and physical reliance changes an individual’s brain.

For that reason, they have come up with novel ways to help addicts detox and start afresh living.

Who Needs the Detox?

The medical detox is suitable for severe cases of addiction, physical reliance, and those that have consecutively failed to quit by themselves. And, do you know that drugs cause neurological changes in the brain?

With frequent elevated use, your brain becomes contingent on its active ingredients to produce neurotransmitters. The brain produces just a few. So part of withdrawal is to survive with a few neurotransmitters till the brain heals and releases enough. Imagine the hurdle of having to undergo this without medical support! It’s near impossible.

How is the Detox Done?

Detox is always the first step to treatment but varies with severity. The detox process entails:

Assessment: involves testing and identify the substance and its amount in the blood. Also, there’s further screening for any physical and mental health conditions to establish the type of care and progress.

Cleansing: involves medical and social aspects of the cleansing and withdrawal procedure to remove as much substance from the patient until they’re stable. And to ensure safety and comfortability, experts in Orange County rehab centers use medications only.

Organizing for ongoing treatment: serious addicts will require ongoing treatment to check on their mental, behavioral, and social aspects of addiction. So, while undergoing detox, health experts arrange for; ongoing treatment with hopes for patients to recover fully.

Detox helps a lot with the physiological aspects of addiction. However, a further combination of residential treatment, individual counseling, and group therapy are satisfying tools to identify the origin of addiction. The cause is one step toward healing. Don’t waste out on addiction; seek alcohol and drug detox early enough for lasting soberness!

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