Using A Vape To Quit Smoking For Good

There are many different aids that you can use to help you stop smoking, but vaping is something that many people have had success with when stopping. There are various vaping products available, and there is something to suit all tastes and budgets. If you want to quit smoking for good and are thinking of using a vape, below is some advice that will help you be successful and quit smoking for good when you follow it.

Choose The Best Vape Device For You

Some people see vaping as a means to an end, while others enjoy the experience. There are devices to suit all requirements, and those who are really into it can purchase custom mod kits to enhance their vaping experience. If you are not into it as much and only want to vape to control your urges, you do not have to invest too much money, and you can choose a disposable vape to help you quit. Visit your local vaping store and talk to them about what you are looking for and see what advice they can give you to help you select the best vape for you.

Select Your Nicotine Strength

You will need to consider what strength nicotine you will want in your vape juice, and there are lots of options available from which you can choose. Typically, you will see strengths varying from 3mg up to 20mg, with lots of options in between. If you are a heavy smoker having between 15-20 cigarettes a day, you will want to start with the more potent vape juice to help control your urges and cravings. Once you have selected which vape juice strength you will start with, it is then time to quit smoking and start vaping for the sake of your health and your bank balance.

Getting Used To It

Before you start thinking about reducing the nicotine in the vape juice you use, you will need to get used to vaping first. Depending on the type of vaping device you have bought, it can be easy, but the more complicated devices can take longer to get used to them. Take your time to get used to vaping before starting to reduce your nicotine intake, and this can give you the best chances of successfully quitting smoking for good.

Reducing The Nicotine Strength

It may take you a week or two, or even a couple of months, to get used to vaping, but once you have, you will need to consider reducing the strength of nicotine you use. With the vape juice being available in various strengths, you can slowly wean yourself off nicotine altogether. Once you are happy vaping, you can purchase vape juice with less nicotine and allow your body to get used to the change. It can take a few days or weeks until you feel comfortable, and once you are happy with the change, you can look to do it again. Slowly work your way down to the lowest amount of nicotine available, and you can be free of your addiction. When you do not need nicotine anymore, you can give up vaping, or you can carry on and enjoy the many flavours on offer with nicotine-free vape juice if you enjoy the vaping experience.

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