Vitamin B12 Shots: A Few Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know

Whether you know it or not, B12 is a vitamin that is essential for energy production and making metabolism in your body. It is currently estimated that up to 50% of people in Canada have B12 deficiency in their bodies. This implies that 1 in 2 people wander around with a sub-optimal amount of energy and a slower metabolism than average. No wonder many patients take benefits from Vitamin B-12 Shots like energy growth to weight loss and also improved sleep habits.


In this article I will just go through some of the advantages you might notice with vitamin B12: ​

Improve your stamina and battle tiredness

A rise in weakness or loss of energy is one of the most frequent signs of B12 deficiency. Do you know why this occurs?

For a proper energy output in your mitochondria, vitamin B12 (including other B vitamins) is required. Remember that the mitochondria in the shape of a molecule called ATP produce energy to the body (adenosine triphosphate). Your subjective sense of “energy” is determined by the number of mitochondria in your cells and muscles. ​

Improves your metabolism

The rise in basal metabolic rate or metabolism is a significant advantage of vitamin B12 supplementation. When determining your weight, your metabolism is the most significant consideration.

Your metabolism reflects the number of calories you burn at rest which accounts for about 90-95% of all calories you burn in one day. The trouble here is that most of you have a slower metabolism than average due to several reasons. Low vitamin B12, low mitochondrial energy generation, low thyroid hormone, a recurrent eating pattern all have shown that the metabolism is slowing down. So, consume B12 shots, it will improve your energy level and metabolism.

Help in losing weight

B12 shots do not cause weight loss directly but indirectly. Any of the advantages of B12 shots include Better Sleep, More metabolisms, more power, and Greater mood. Interestingly, these factors affect how and when the body loses weight and burns fat mass. In combination with lipotropic supplements, vitamin B12 shots may also help increase weight loss. Lipotropic vitamins and minerals help the body burn fat and break down the fatty tissue.

Better sleeping patterns & circadian rhythm

You can have trouble with your circadian rhythm if you have sleep disorders such as difficulty falling asleep, problems getting tired at night or low energy levels, and difficulty staying asleep.

Your circadian cycle is influenced by methylcobalamin. Your circadian rate is a mechanism that can directly affect your mood, energy, and weight and helps to control quality and sleep depth (and other factors).

Taking methylcobalamin B12 shots will boost the rhythm and improve your stamina and allow you to lose weight.

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