What are the factors to consider when applying for studying in the United States?

In the United States, more than 3,900 colleges and universities make choices like a needle in a haystack. In today’s increasingly globalized world, students face a wide range of choices. So what factors need to be considered when choosing?

If some students are worried that they will have a lot of discomfort, I suggest you can read the two-year community college first. You can get an associate degree after the end of your studies. If you want to stay in the US for further study, you can apply for four years. University, you can get a bachelor’s degree in two years. In the United States, most schools offer a variety of majors, and most students have turned at least once. Students have plenty of time to decide on their studies, which is very helpful for students to explore areas of interest in learning and to find a school that offers courses in their favorite field.

There are many parents who attach great importance to their children’s choice of school. So, do you want to choose private or public? In fact, the difference between public and private institutions may not be as big as imagined. For American students, because of financial assistance, both public and private institutions can afford it, and both offer good educational experience and opportunities. For international students, although the size of public universities is generally larger than that of private universities, scholarships for private universities are easier to apply than for public universities.

In addition, if you plan to immigrate to the United States, you need to plan ahead. Because immigrants have many benefits, there are a large number of people applying for eb1 immigration (also known as eb1移民), eb2 immigration (also known as eb2移民), eb3 immigration (also know as eb3移民) every year. The application requirements will be very strict and the schedule will be very long. The whole process may last for six or seven years. Therefore, you can take a roundabout policy, you can apply for the h1b visa first, the h1b visa application is relatively less difficult, but the lottery is a headache, the preparation of materials is also very cumbersome, so you can find h1b law firm to help, h1b lawyer fees (also known as h1b律师费) and Not too high, so it is a good choice. If you don’t know how to choose, you can refer to the online h1b law evaluation (also known as h1b律所测评) article.

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