What are the Most Popular Non-Invasive Jaw Reduction Treatments in Singapore?

A square jawline is regarded as more masculine and provides your face with a boxier appearance, which is why contouring of the jawline is becoming a more known cosmetic treatment. Cosmetic contouring of the jaw lines, also known as face slimming, is often done on women who seek a more feminine jawline and a smaller face. Face slimming or jaw reduction procedures may reduce the prominence of the jawline, establish a harmonic balance with some other facial characteristics, and soften the look.

People with a larger masseter usually got a square jawline. The masseter muscle is a muscle in the jaw that is in charge of moving the jaw when humans chew or clench. Too much chewing gum, hard foods, or grinding teeth may all create a significant masseter enlargement.

Face slimming for contouring of jawline has been shown scientifically to relax the masseter by inhibiting nerve impulses, causing the masseter muscle to progressively shrink, narrowing your lower face, slimming your face, and smoothing the look of the contour of jaw line.

What Is The Reason For A Box Or Square Jaw?

Overdeveloped masseter, the underlying structure of bone, or a mix of the two may cause an excessively bulky square jaw. It may also be caused by heredity and ethnicity (especially in Asians), and certain lifestyle factors (such as frequent teeth grinding or chewing) could also lead to a box jaw look and larger masseter muscles.

What are the Masseter Muscles?

The masseter muscle, together with the pterygoid and temporalis muscles, is positioned on either side of the jaw and is among the key muscles involved in chewing. Whenever anyone grinds their teeth or chews too frequently, the masseter muscles grow in bulk and create concerns with the structure of their face. It is similar to a person doing weights excessively and their muscles growing.

Treatments for Non-Invasive Jaw Reduction in Singapore


Jaw BTX is a common non-invasive jaw reduction technique that may assist. Jaw BTX or face slimming in Singapore is a common procedure for those who want to obtain an ideal oval-shaped or v-shaped face. In this treatment, particular quantities of botulinum toxin are administered into the client’s masseter, which shrinks and relaxes it. As a result, a square shaped face is transformed into a more v-shaped, slimmer face. The slimming effect appears in 3 to 4 weeks and lasts for 4 to 6 months, after which the process must be performed repeatedly to retain the slimming effect.

Another key use for jaw BTX is to alleviate bruxism problems. Bruxism is the teeth grinding while sleeping, which causes tooth destruction and symptoms like jaw soreness and headache. Dentists usually recommend BTX injections to relax the masseter, which may help lessen the symptoms of bruxism.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a very popular alternative for those with a generally weak jawline, drooping extra fat in their necks, sagging jowls, and a double chin who wish to improve their look with a more distinct jawline. In contrast to BTX, these injectable fillers are intended to provide a more defined jawline instead of a softening effect. Dermal fillers are applied to their chin to get the intended effect on their jawline and chin.

This procedure lasts substantially longer compared to BTX, lasting up to two years. When used with BTX, bear in mind that the BTX injections would still require maintenance every few months.

Is a Non-Invasive Jaw Reduction right for me?

Before you receive any type of jaw reduction treatment, an expert would meet with you to discuss if the treatment is appropriate for you. This would include a consultation during which our expert would establish if your facial fullness is related to fat or muscle. Before prescribing any therapy, they would assess the size and strength of your jaw muscles.

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