What Can You Expect of a Comprehensive Eye Exam

There are various tests and procedures involved to examine your eyes. These tests vary in range from a simple one to a complex one like reading charts to using high powered lens, which are used to visualise the tiny structures inside your eyes. A complete eye exam can usually take an hour or more, depending on the number of tests, complexity and sometimes also the doctor.

If you start looking for eye exam near me, you might find many options of eye clinic practise around you providing you the best service. Besides, there are a variety of tests you might encounter while going for an eye exam and you might want to choose the best for you in the city.

There is a list of some tests you might bump into while going for an eye exam, Such as

Visual Acquity Test

This test is among first of the tests performed which is to test the sharpness of the eyes. It is performed usually using a projected eye chart.

Colour Blindness Test

This test is performed to check the colour vision of your eyes. It is performed at the very beginning to rule out the possibility of colour blindness.

Cover test

The cover test is the simplest way to know how your eyes are working together. During this test, you will be asked to focus on a certain object far across the room, where one of your eyes will be covered every alternate time.

Ocular Motility

This test is used to examine how far your eyes can follow an object or how long it can be accurately fixated on a certain object. Based on which, you will be treated further.

In this test, your doctors will advise you to follow hand-held light and its slow movement. Problems of eye movements can cause eye strain and might also affect your reading ability.


In this process of treatment, you wear 3D glasses and will be asked to look at a book of pattern. Each pattern will consist of four circles and your task will be to identify the pattern of the circle which seems closer to you as compared to the other three circles.


These tests might be performed early during your eye exam to obtain an approximate idea of your prescribed eye glasses.


This test is performed to determine the exact measurement of your prescribed eye glasses.


Autorefractors are used to recognise your eye glasses prescription automatically.

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