Why You Should Be Using A Hair Dryer This Summer

Forget what they say that leaving your hair to dry naturally is better than heat drying. The truth is, it is better and less damaging to blow-dry your hair with a hairdryer than allowing it to air dry. You probably know that the hair swells when it comes in contact with water, and adding more pressure to the hair can lead to breakage. The visible sign of damaged hair includes split ends, breakage, and frizz.

The summer is around the corner, and it’s an excellent time to unwind with family and friends. Bet you are already craving for a swim at the beach or the cool of the pool. There are endless possibilities that you will have more water in your hair this summer. Consequently, consider adding a hairdryer to your list of accessories—and we will tell you why this is important.

What to look out for when buying a hairdryer

A hairdryer with separate buttons or switches for heat and blow-speed is always better. Purchasing additional accessories like the blow dryer diffuser and the hair turban for drying hair is also a good idea. After taking a dive into the pool, it is essential to get rid of the water from your hair as soon as possible.

The reason is that pools are often dozed with chlorine and other chemicals that can degrade your hair. However, when using a hairdryer note that there are a few rules to follow to ensure you don’t cause damage to your hair.

Four golden rules to follow when using a hairdryer 

Adhering to these rules will ensure you get glossy and frizz-free hair.   

1. Do not use a hairdryer on a wet hair

Keeping the hair dry is the next step after a shampoo or a swim. However, before you switch on that hairdryer and crank it up to the highest heat, halt! Exposing the hair to heat immediately after washing them can be counter-effective. Therefore, you should endeavor to get rid of the excess water first before blow-drying.

You can towel dry the hair using a high-absorbent hair towel. While doing this, make sure you don’t pull or rub the hair with excessive force. It can damage your hair and give a distasteful appeal. The safer way to get rid of up to 50% of the water from your hair before blow-drying is the use of turbans for drying hair.

2. Avoid brushing a wet hair

Brushing is only suitable for dry hair and not wet hair. It is important to allow your hair dry a bit before using a brush on it. If you must brush a damp hair, use a leave-in conditioner, or apply a natural oil to the hair to provide some form of lubrication. These make your hair slippery so that they can glide through your brush rather than getting entangled in them.

When you notice that your hair is tangled when trying to brush after a shower, stop brushing. Opt for a hairdryer instead. The sight of seeing broken hair tangled in your brush is scary.  

3. Never set your dryer to high heat

As tempting as it may be to set your dryer at high heat, it is best and safer to stick to low or medium heat when using the hairdryer. Also, don’t allow your hair to heat up. Take your hair drying gently and slowly. Using high heat or exposing one portion of the hair to too much heat can damage the hair. Another thing you want to achieve is uniform dryness. Thus, it is best to divide your hair into smaller portions when using the hairdryer. Smaller parts will make the hair easier to dry.

4. Do not attempt to style wet hair with heat

One of the greatest styling blunders a lot of people commit is trying to style damp hair. It is always best to style your hair when it is dry. This is because your hair is more prone to damage when it is wet. Styling with heat makes it worse considering the fact that your hair is made of protein, which is easily denatured by heat.

Permanent hair damage can occur when you apply too much heat when styling your hair. A damaged hair becomes discolored, looks weak and malnourished. You certainly don’t want to get to that point where the only way back is to chop off your hair. However, it gets worse if your scalp gets damaged too. At this point, cropping your hair may not be enough.


As you pack your requirements for the summer holidays, don’t forget to pack a hairdryer too. A healthy and glossy hair will get you all the attention that you crave for. Remember to add a hair turban for drying hair to your summer collections.


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