We all love the idea of having a luscious set of hair on our heads. They help us to feel confident. When we begin to experience hair loss, it can make us feel more conscious about it, especially when hair loss becomes more evident. To combat hair fall, we start to take better care of ourselves and follow all the tips that are available on the internet. But sometimes, these tips are not as helpful as one might think of them to be, and the damage done is permanent. If you are experiencing permanent hair loss, don’t worry. There is still hope. You could consider undergoing Hair Transplant Toronto. If you have been experiencing hair loss, here is why you should consider undergoing the procedure of hair loss.

What is FUE method?

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method of hair transplant is an increasingly popular procedure. Previously, the scalp’s whole strips had to be extracted from the donor area and then be transplanted. This method was popularly known as the strip method. However, FUE technology has brought about a revolution in the world of hair transplant. It doesn’t require the whole strip to be extracted instead of individual follicles extracted from the robust donor sites located at the scalp’s back and side. These follicles are then located with precision into the new area. This needs to be done carefully so that the placement is natural. The downtime is relatively short, and there is no discomfort or scarring after the procedure.

What is NeoGraft?

If you are new to the world of hair transplants, you might get confused about what NeoGraft is. It is a state-of-the-art technology used in hair transplant to extract the follicles for the FUE method. It is minimally invasive and automated. Suction is used to remove the follicles with precision. The follicles are extracted in such a way that it doesn’t pull or twist out the grafts and removes it delicately so that it is preserved and protected.

When should you undergo a hair transplant procedure?

When you have been experiencing hair loss for a while, you might think that it is permanent. Hair loss can either be permanent or temporary. To determine whether it is a temporary hair loss, you should get essential blood work done. The surgeon will be able to determine which kind of hair loss you are undergone and suggest treatment according to that.

How to choose the right surgeon?

Even when you have been convinced about undergoing a hair transplant, you would be concerned about finding the right surgeon for the procedure. To get the best and natural-looking results, you need a surgeon who is experienced. They should have an in-depth knowledge of the underlying issues and contributing factors towards hair loss and restoration. During your consultation, ask all the questions that you might have. If you can establish a comfort level and trust with them, they would be the right choice for you

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