6 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining your Dentures

A denture is an excellent dental appliance that improves oral health. It enhances the aesthetics of your smile and enables chewing and talking. But you must clean and maintain the denture to enjoy the benefits. Doing so increases its functionality, reduces the risk of infection, and promotes its lifespan. And the task doesn’t have to be daunting; you only need practical tips to do it like a pro.

Here are the tips for cleaning and maintaining your dentures

  1. Brush daily

Brushing is an ideal way of maintaining and caring for your dentures. You can use a brush that is designed to clean the dentures. Ensure the brush is soft-bristled to prevent scratching or eroding the surface of your denture. For excellent results, invest in a quality denture cleansing solution and enjoy healthier dentures.

  1. Rinse the dentures

Remove the dentures from your mouth and rinse them thoroughly. You can use warm water to remove all loose food particles.

  1. Soak the dentures

Soaking your dentures is an ideal cleaning and maintenance tip. It helps to keep the denture in shape and enhance its functionality.

Follow these steps when soaking your dentures:

  • Remove your dentures: removing your dentures from your mouth gives your tissues a rest. Keep the dentures moist while out of the mouth by soaking them overnight.
  • Use a chemical solution: soaking your dentures in chemical cleaning helps loosen strains and deposits for easy rinsing and brushing.
  • Pick a suitable container: select a container with a cover that is of appropriate size. Read the packaging instructions to know the preparations and length of soaking time.
  • Submerge the dentures: submerge the denture completely and cover the container to avoid exposure to air or part of it being out of water.
  1. Store safely

You’ll need to store your dentures safely when not wearing them. Avoid leaving them in the open air, as they can dry out and warp over time. Also, don’t leave the denture in warm areas, as the temperature can make the material brittle, causing cracks and breakage.

  1. Inspect regularly

Inspecting your denture is an essential tip for maintaining your dentures. As you review,

Identify signs of wear and tear and ensure they are secure within their fittings. Also, ensure no loose pieces or cracks in the denture, as wearing it can cause discomfort. Contact a dentist for further evaluation and advice if you notice such abnormalities.

  1. Attend follow-up and appointments

Keep up with regular visits to your dentist or medical professional. The experts will check how you care for your dentures and monitor changes in fit that can cause discomfort. Also, they will give instructions regarding cleaning and special preventative measures.

Things to avoid when cleaning dentures

  • Abrasive cleaning materials: don’t use stiff-bristled brushes, strong cleansers, and harsh toothpaste as they can your dentures.
  • Whitening toothpaste: such toothpaste can contain peroxide, which changes the color of your denture teeth.
  • Bleaching products: such items will weaken your dentures and change their color. It will tarnish and rust with metals, affecting its functionality.
  • Hot water: avoid hot or boiling water as it can warp your dentures.


Just like natural teeth, dentures require special cleaning and maintenance. Doing so gives you a clean, white, and properly fitting denture to boost your confidence to talk and chew. Also, you’ll increase the durability of the dentures, reducing the cost of buying new ones. So utilize the six tips above to clean and maintain your dentures effectively.

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