Dabbing and how it works

So, what are dabs? In layman’s language they are intensive doses of cannabis. This drugs is also known as;

  • Honeycomb
  • 710
  • Wax
  • Shatter
  • Black glass
  • Errl
  • Budder
  • Honey oil
  • Earwax

They are made from extracting other cannabinoids and THC using solvents like carbon dioxide or butane. These drug is inhaled through using a dab rig. For over a decade now, people have been smoking it as a way of consumption.

Definition of dabbing

This is the process of using the dab drug. It is more harmful and dangerous than using other types of cannabis drugs. This is because it is made by a dangerous chemical known as butane hash oil.

Components used in making dab drug

They include;

  • Honey oil which has an amber or dark golden color.
  • Wax which resembles brown sugar.
  • Shatter which comes with a semi-transparent thin of sheet.
  • Butter
  • Live Resin

Side effects associated with dabbing

Dabbing can be harmful and dangerous to your health. Some of these danger include;

  • Hospitalization

Consuming excess THC can lead to being admitted in hospital. This is because this drug is excessively potent meaning that you can consume so much without even realizing it.

Extreme hallucinogenic side effects can also lead to hospitalization. Users tend to be more high when smoking dab than weed.

  • Increase in tolerance

For regular users, developing tolerance will always result to taking higher doses of the drug. If you are not getting any high, you are more likely to transition to other harmful narcotic drugs.

  • Getting exposed to harmful chemicals

This is another major risk encountered by users of dab drug. When you buy the drug from unrecognized sellers, this is likely to happen.

There are so many seller mixing the drug with harmful chemicals so as to earn extra money. They do so at the expense of innocent buyers. This is common when using cartridges or prefilled dab pens.

  • Anxiety, paranoia and psychosis

Heavy weed users mostly experience these side effects. As for dab users, you only experience these side effects if you have taken THC in excess.

  • The harm in the extraction process

There is more danger for people who attempt to extract the THC themselves. This is more harmful than taking the drug itself. Butane chemical is used in the process and it is highly flammable. This can lead to injuries such as severe burns.

Dabbing overdose

It is important for all unseasoned dab users to know the potency found in THC extracts. The THC is often tested between 60-90%. This means that you do not have to take much of the drug to experience highness.

Users can start with a small dose of the drug, to ensure a comfortable and positive experience when smoking it. However, it is important to note that there has not been any long-term danger associated to dabbing according to research.


Excess intake of dab can be harmful and pose danger to your health. You can be high without necessarily taking the drug in excess.

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