AOD: A Wonder to Make Your Dream Come True with Better Physique and Better Mobility

Peptides are now a common name and there are good reasons for it. We are always trying to achieve our best. From our career to our physical fitness, the best is what we need and what we want to get. But it is not always easy to maintain the physical fitness especially due to busy schedules and unhealthy lifestyle. Peptides, an already present ingredient in human body helps in maintaining the functionality of different hormones and organs. It is also helpful with a speedy recovery rate from injuries. AOD9604 is one of those peptides which are modified in the labs. The primary target to achieve with this peptide was to fight obesity. This very peptide is a modified version of HGH or Human Growth Hormone’s 176-191 peptide fragment. It promotes the process of lipolysis within the body which makes it one of the primary choices of obesity treatment. This peptide never affects the IGF1 level and insulin level in the body. That is why this peptide is free of the side effects like developing intolerance towards glucose or diabetes. With its structural similarity to Human Growth Hormone, this peptide is immunologically safe.

AOD9604 and its effects on obesity

This peptide was brought under into the lab with the target of fighting obesity with something similar to Human Growth Hormone. Clinical trials were done on obese people and the individuals were administered with one dose daily. The results showed that there was a consistent loo of weight over the period of 12 weeks. The rate of losing fat was steady and it was thrice to the rate of placebo cohort. This study proved that this peptide is safe enough for long-term use. It is also highly unlikely to generate resistance. The underlying mechanism of this very peptide was unknown and studies were conducted on mice models with the purpose of learning this mechanism. The result of this study proposes that this peptide binds and activates the β-3-adrenergic receptors. The surface of the white adipose tissues is the place where these receptors of present. After the binding process, the peptides signal the fat cells to get mobilized. The fat cells turn into usable state from an immobilized storage state. This increases the metabolism rate which brings down the amount of fat promoting weight loss. Even β-3-adrenergic receptors mutated mice went through the fat loss process and this possibly happened due to apoptosis.

Cardiac diseases and AOD9604

Cardiac health is related to obesity to a large extent. Indirectly, this peptide improves cardiac health by reducing obesity. The fear of cardiac diseases due to obesity can be reduced with this peptide. Apart from mobilizing fat, AOD9604 improves cardiac health in many interesting ways. The improvement of metabolism directly improves heart health.

Joint function and pain

One of the persistent clinical challenges has been cartilage growth improvement. Research results show that AOD9604 can solve this issue. The research models were rats and the peptide was directly introduced to arthritic joints. The results were reduced movement disability, better pain management and better quality of life. This peptide is capable of promoting cartilage tissue growth when the peptide was used along with existing therapies. When used on joints affected with osteoarthritis, the results were positive ones. Both microscopic cartilage structure analysis and clinical examination found that the peptides have positive results on the health of affected joints. This signals towards the fact that this peptide can help in both preventing and treating the above mentioned condition.

The above mentioned details are all research results. Like some other peptides available in the market for medical and cosmetic usage, AOD9604 is not available for public. This peptide is still in the laboratories as its proper results on human body are still not properly known. The peptide is available for licensed researchers so that they can do more work on this modified version HGH. They can buy AOD 9604 USA for laboratory purpose only. In future this peptide can definitely become a part of medical world. With positive effects on hearth health, fat reduction and joint pain, this peptide will show a way towards a better life in near future.

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